"Dr. Andrew's is very knowledgeable when giving insight to assist any problem area. Not only is there spectacular service while in the office, but the information given to care for yourself when leaving was tremendous. It's like having him around 24/7. His staff members are very welcoming and cater to your every need. If you are looking for a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, or simple consultation, look no further than Andrews Wellness Center. I ride from Richmond, great service has no limit. Thank you Dr Andrews!!"
-Anthony Hailstock, Google Review



"i am a long time client of Dr.Glenn Muller and now Dr. Andrews and i had been having back problems for twenty plus years just a week ago i got so that i could not get out my bed i would toss and turn all night i went to him for four days after that i had no pain at all i thank God for him i would recommend him to anybody."
- Catherine R Cole, Google Review


If you're in need of chiropractic services and you want a Dr who is knowledgeable, friendly, and truly CARES about his patients then look no further. Dr Andrew's is Great. I usually walk in almost in tears and walk out smiling, feeling like a new person. I highly recommend Dr Andrew's for anyone having lower back pain or sciatica. There are several chiropractors closer to where I live but I wouldn't change for anything. Thank you Dr Andrew's for providing such a great service but mainly for being one of the very few Dr's who truly cares and makes  a difference.
- Felicia Barron, Google Review


"When I walked in to Andrews Wellness Center I hadn't slept pain free in 4 months. Waking up with tears due to the pain every morning. I had my adjustment and lower back muscle massage that was great. Afterwards I had the best nights sleep I could have ever asked for, and had no pain the next morning. Needless to say Dr. Andrews is my #1 choice. I recommend him to anyone experiencing back pain after having a baby."
- Marwa Alshaer,  Google Review