• "Dr. Andrews has helped to control my back pain and increase my quality of life. I really appreciate his hard work and dedication."
    Penny B.
  • "Wow! I can’t believe Dr. Andrews fixed my back! I couldn’t sit, stand or walk without a ton of pain. Now there is NO PAIN! Amazing! Thank you!"
  • "The staff here at Andrews Wellness Center is great! They’ve helped me in so many ways and are always willing to work with my schedule. The prices are very good and the exercises really help! Thank you for all you guys have done!"
    Samantha Allen
  • "I’ve been seeing Dr. Andrews now for over 4 years. I tried shots but not successful. I now have my life back and can walk again with regular maintenance to maintain life."
  • "Dr. Andrews is a genuine doctor who cares greatly for his patients. The well-being of his patients are his number one priority."
  • "Prior to beginning treatment with Andrews Wellness Center I was experiencing daily back pain with limited activity. Within weeks of treatment the pain became minimal and began to occur on an infrequent basis. This experience has enabled me to resume a more active lifestyle"
  • "Dr. Andrews is Awesome at his craft, he should wear a cape to work! I visited him today after being absent from his care for 8 months. Went in with my neck and back locked and left his office feeling brand new. I am now a Silver member of his Chiro Club. I will never go without his care again, I simply can not! If you need to get "straightened out" etc... Andrews Wellness is where to go! Be sure to tell him or his staff Omissa sent ya!"
  • "I came to Andrews Wellness Center a few weeks ago. I truly appreciate the detail and professionalism he displayed during my appt. I recommend anyone having back pain to go for treatment."
  • "Dr. Andrews is very knowledgeable when giving insight to assist any problem area. Not only is there spectacular service while in the office, but the information given to care for yourself when leaving was tremendous. It's like having him around 24/7. His staff members are very welcoming and cater to your every need. If you are looking for a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, or simple consultation, look no further than Andrews Wellness Center. I ride from Richmond, great service has no limit. Thank you Dr Andrews!!"
    Anthony Hailstock
  • "If you're in need of chiropractic services and you want a Dr who is knowledgeable, friendly, and truly CARES about his patients then look no further. Dr Andrews is Great. I usually walk in almost in tears and walk out smiling, feeling like a new person. I highly recommend Dr Andrew's for anyone having lower back pain or sciatica. There are several chiropractors closer to where I live but I wouldn't change for anything. Thank you Dr Andrews for providing such a great service but mainly for being one of the very few Dr's who truly cares and makes a difference."
  • "I highly recommend anyone that's having lower back pains to visit Andrews Wellness Center. He's very professional and cares for his patients"
    Robert Goode

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